Budget Bin SALE!

Below is over 38 unpopular fleeces I have accumulated over the years. They are all the amazing quality fleece i always use but they are unpopular styles and/or the prints are to large for smaller items. Instead of taking up space I thought this would be a good way for me to get my money back and you can save BIG. Below is a list of the items i'm offering for the Budget Bin Sale and their prices.

Please be sure to read the disclaimer below as well! 

  • LG Bunker hammock (larger rats and ferrets): $11.99 (reg $15.00)

  • SM Bunker Hammock: $7.99 (Reg $10.99)

  • 12"x12" Hammock: $2.00 (Reg $3.50)

  • 14"x14" Hammock: $3.50 (Reg $5.50)

  • 16"x16" Hammock: $5.50 (Reg $8.00)

  • Long Hammock: $3.00 (Reg. $5.50)

  • Corner Hammock: $2.00 (Reg. $3.50)

  • LG Corner Hammock: $3.00 (Reg. $4.50)

  • Colony Pouch: $6.00 (Reg. $8.00)

  • Reg Pouch: $4.50 (Reg. $6.50)

  • Tunnel: $3.50 (Reg. $5.50)

  • LG Tunnel: $5.00 (Reg. $8.00)


  1. Shipping is not included and will be priced depending on the size of your order. Free Shipping to US on orders over $50.00 always.

  2. The fabrics below may be too small to make several of the same items

  3. The fabrics below may have prints too large to see on smaller items- Be advised the print you choose may not show the exact print you see on the photo as many of the below fleeces have prints way to large to fit on most items.

  4. Budget bin items are usually made with double print instead of our normal print/solid but some items may be matched with a solid colored fleece of my choice.

  5. Hooks are not included but can be purchased separately HERE

  6. Budget Bin sales are custom orders; custom orders take approx. 10 days to ship 

  7. All custom orders must be paid before i start your order

  8. As always, we do not accept returns due to the nature of my products. I will always rectify a problem that was caused on my behalf.

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