How much is shipping? Shipping prices vary depending on the weight of your order. You can quickly view your shipping costs by adding items to your shopping cart and viewing your cart. We strongly believe in not over charging for shipping so we try to keep our prices at the absolute lowest! We always offer free shipping on orders over $60.00.


What are these items for? All small critters!...And then some! You’d be surprised at how many animals can actually enjoy these items! Cats, Puppies, Monkeys, Armadillos, Raccoons, Baby Chicks, Snakes, Sugar Gliders, Rats, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Etc! I have had so many interesting customers since I officially opened my store in 2008. All larger pets like Monkeys, Cats, Raccoons, etc; I always suggest creating a custom order so we can match up the item perfect to your pets size!


What kind of material do you use? Fleece, Cotton, and Flannel. We try to stick with quality fleece but there are times I use flannel on fleece and cotton on fleece. All items wil have a description on the fabrics use. ALL quality materials!!


Are your items safe for my pet? YES, YES, YES! At H&H I 100% believe in keeping your babies SAFE! All of my items are made with hidden seams (No thread showing) so your babies cant get their nails caught.


Do you ship out of the USA? YES! Shipping is much higher unfortunately but we do ship outside of the united states. Please contact me with what you’d like in your order and your address so I can give you an exact shipping price. You will always be reimbursed the difference if I happen to over-charge for shipping.


How long does it take for you to send out my package? I try to send out the day of but I always ask to give me at least 2 days to ship as things can get a little crazy around here with a toddler.


Does my order come with a tracking number? Yes, all orders will be emailed a tracking number.


How long will it take to receive my package? I ship all my items through USPS First-Class or Priority mail. You typically should receive your order 2-4 days after receiving your tracking number from me.


Do you do custom orders? Yes!


How long do custom orders take? Approx. 10 days to ship.


Do you accept returns? Unfortunately due to the nature of my products; I do not. Please see my returns/refunds page for more information.

Do your items come with hooks to hang the bedding in my cage? Indiv. items do not come with hooks. All cage sets come with hooks unless otherwise stated. You can purchase plastic hooks or metal hooks HERE.