Fringed Vine

Fringed Vines are great for most exotic pets to hang from or snuggle in their pouches or hideouts. They have loops on both ends to hang any way you choose.


Bonding Blankets are great for most small pets so they can become familiar with your scent. Simply wear the bonding blanket next to your skin for at least 24 hours then place the blanket inside of your pets pouch. This process is best if repeated every couple of days. I have a fuzzy blanket To snuggle in at night I wrap it all around me And pull it warm and tight

Long Hammock

Long Hammocks are approx. 18" Long and 10" Wide. They are perfect for a variety of small pets such as ferrets, rats, sugar gliders, etc.


Hideouts/Cubes come in 3 different sizes. 5"x5" (Perfect for small pets such as baby rats, hamsters, mice, single sugar glider, etc), 7"x7" (Perfect for medium pets such as rats, colony sugar gliders, guinea pigs, etc) and 10"x10" (Perfect for ferrets, guinea pigs, colony rats, larger rats, monkeys, kittens, etc).

Corner Hammock

Corner Hammocks come in two sizes; Large & Regular. They work great for that extra step in and to utilize the most space in the corner of cages.

Pocket Hammocks

Pocket Hammocks come in 2 sizes. 12"x12" and 14"x14".

Cage Sets

Our standard cage sets are perfect for sugar gliders, rats, guinea pigs, etc


Cage pouches come in 2 sizes. 9"x10" and 10"x11".

Square Hammocks

Square hammocks come in 3 sizes. 12"x12", 14"x14" and 16"x16".

Bunker Hammocks

Bunkers hammocks come in 2 sizes. Small and Large. Our larger bunker hammocks are perfect for larger rats and ferrets.

Bonding Pouches

Bonding pouches are approx. 9"x10". They are perfect for carrying your furry friend with you places. A convenient removable and adjustable neck strap and a venilated screen in the front.


Tubes/Tunnels come in two sizes. Small and Large. The larger tunnel is perfect for larger pets such as ferrets and multiply rats.